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"I'm an experienced consultant, still, having experience really helps me with the methodology, style, and framework used in class. It just ensures that your experience is on par and of quality. Thanks, CMC. I learned a lot from this class!"

Ovidio Enbuega II
IT Country Manager,
SGS Philippines, Inc.

"It was a very rewarding experience to be given a chance to gain knowledge from an expert as well as from a supportive learning institution. Aside from lectures, firsthand experiences, and technical approach in this class, we we're given the chance to ponder effectively an relate our insights to actual operational exposures we have. It stimulated my thirst for learning."

Maria Cecilia Acosta Arenas
Business Performance Officer,
Philippine National Bank

"As a globally recognized designation, CMC can help you take advantage of many opportunities to be known and build your network. This has brought me into a new horizon in my career that built my confidence, being able to understand and demonstrate the key principles of being a management consultant."

Michael Sabud
Owner / Operator,
Laroy Travel & Tours


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