Post Testimonials


"The program validated how I plan to conduct my consulting practice and it fed me more information on how I can make it better. Neri is truly an expert and her stories inspired me to become a CMC plus I think I might have a potential consulting partner."

Rodella P. Perez
Project Head, Service Delivery Mgt.
Curo Teknika Inc.

"The subject matter was enlightening in many respects and had much material. The facilitator was encouraging about the Mc Profession and with her rich experience comes in with strong credibility. A good primer for consultancy."

Junard J. Cruz
Managing Director
ArGround Asia

"The CMC program has provided me with vital information to guide me in my pursuit of a career in management consulting. It was well delivered given the rich knowledge and experience of our facilitator Ms. Neri. Further, the administrative/logistics components were efficiently carried out for the participants' ease and convenience. Kudos to the CMC team for the success of Batch 17."

Lauren M. Borja
Lead Corp. Strat Planner
Boardwalk Business Venture