The CMC® Advantage

CMC® and Your Organization

Commitment to Best Practices

CMCs have made a commitment to enhance their skills to the highest level. The designation demonstrates a consultant’s commitment to best practices in management consulting.

International Standards

The CMC® designation is an internationally recognized management consultancy qualification based on rigorous certification requirements relating to competency and industry ethics. The CMC® designation implies international recognition and adherence to world-wide standards.

Impact on Your Business

A CMC® has satisfied the commitment to attain thorough knowledge of management and a capacity to consult at a higher level. A CMC’s insight can mean the world to your business.

Professional Guarantee

The CMC® designation is a guarantee to clients that the consultant has the necessary experience and knowledge to deliver objective and independent interventions in the best interests of the client.


CMC® and Your Clients

  • More valuable advice based on your broad industry knowledge and access to a range of best practices from the ICMC Philippines
  • Guarantee of integrity, transparency, and accountability through your adherence to the Uniform Code of Professional Conduct
  • Access to the people and expertise beyond your consulting firm if needed
  • Confidence of working with a consultant with certified credentials and a strong reputation in the business
  • Assuredly they are getting the best value for their money


Find out why you should hire a CMC®.

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