10 Worst Presentation Habits

By Rayne Provost

I’ve been asked to make a presentation at my industry niche association meeting. What are some things to make it a winner?

In his book, 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators,Carmine Gallo, a communication coach, author and former anchor for CNN and CBS, lists his 10 Worst Presentation Habits.

Read from notes. Review your material, absorb it and deliver it without notes.
Avoid eye contact. Make eye contact with your listeners 90% of the time. Glance at your notes or slides from time to time, but just as a reminder. Speak to your listeners, not your slides.
Dress Down. Always dress appropriately for the culture, but a little better than everyone else.
Fidget, jiggle and sway. Simple solution? Don’t! Videotape presentations or rehearsals to catch your flaws.
Fail to rehearse. Practice every component of your presentation – the material, flow of slides and when and where you may walk or interact with the audience.
Stand at attention. Move, walk, use hand gestures – be animated in voice and body.
Recite bullet points. Don’t write too many words on a slide. Avoid more than 4 words across or 6 lines down. Tell stories, anecdotes and examples.
Speak too long. Do you spend 5 minutes saying something you could say in 30 seconds?
Fail to excite. Tell them why they should be excited about your content – why they should care.
End with an inspiration deficit. Summarize what you said in your presentation, but leave them with one key thought that makes an impact or makes their jaws drop.

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Source: http://www.imcusa.org/blogpost/1009836/185043/10-Worst-Presentation-Habits

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