3 Keys to Attract & Keep Clients

By Rayne Provost

Some consultants seem to have more referrals and repeat business than I do. What are some key ways to get … and keep … clients?

Think of the things that help you build personal relationships:

1. You’re share common interests.
2. You like the person.
3. You trust the person.

The same principles apply to clients who hire, retain and refer you.

1. Clients Have to Know You.

Obviously you need to market yourself for clients to know you exist. Show the value you offer and write newsletters, talk to groups, write articles or blog. If you create good services and content, word-of-mouth and viral marketing will happen.

2. Clients Have to Like You.

People love to tell others about bad experiences, so it is critical that clients have great experiences with you. Keep business contacts alive and fresh – keep the relationship going. Know about their families and dreams … relate to them on a personal level to increase the value of the relationship.

3. Clients Have to Trust You.

Trust is built when you do what you say you will do. Don’t overpromise. Meet deadines. Treat clients as you would like to be treated. Clients who trust you also refer and provide testimonials.

TIP:Take a honest look at these 3 points and how well you are working to have clients know you, like you and trust you. Is your marketing working – and people know you? Do you treat people in a way that they will like you? Do clients trust your work, your word and your actions?

Source: http://www.imcusa.org/blogpost/1009836/185053/3-Keys-to-Attract–Keep-Clients

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