5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep You in the Poorhouse

Most independent consultants work long hours, yet often earn less than they did in the corporate world. They don’t lack talent or fail to work hard. So what’s the problem?

Ian Brodie, hired to help attract more clients and win more new business, shares his “5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep Consultants and Coaches in the Poor House”. They all stem from his belief that we are not usually good at marketing or selling our services.

  1. If I do good work, people will hear about me. Truth: No, they won’t. It’s a passive strategy that goes against the fact that folks share a bad experience with 12 people, who tell 6 others. Good experiences are shared with a few people … who tell no one else.
  2. I just need to get my name out there. Truth: It won’t make any difference. Unless you have a message that resonates with potential clients, you are just part of the noise.
  3. I’ll copy what’s working for others. Truth: That doesn’t mean it will work for you. You have to tread your own path. Learn from others but find things that work for you … and then master them.
  4. I can’t find the time for marketing. If you don’t, you’ll soon have plenty of time on your hands. You should be spending 10-20% of your time on marketing and business development. You don’t find the time … you make the time.
  5. I’m not a natural salesperson. Truth: No one is! It takes experience, training and practice. And getting over the fear of selling.

TIP:Honesty review these crippling beliefs and your actions. Pick one that you relate to the most and commit to making it a priority to work on in the next few months. To read the full article, go to Ian Brodie’s website to read “5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep Consultants and Coaches in the Poor House.

Source: http://www.imcusa.org/blogpost/1009836/185149/5-Crippling-Beliefs-That-Keep-You-in-the-Poorhouse

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