Are You Afraid to Sell?

By Rayne Provost

I’m experienced, competent, ethical and knowledgeable – so why don’t I have more paying clients?
Having all of the above traits doesn’t prevent a big fear – the fear of selling (oh, that horrible word) your services. There is no way you can avoid selling, so how can you make it less scary?

1. Have the right attitude. I’ve heard consultants say “I didn’t become a consultant to be a salesperson.” If you’re not selling your services, then you’re not really in business. If something doesn’t get sold, it’s just a hobby.

2. Have conversations rather than sell or talk about yourself. Good selling is all about having conversations to: 1) identify if they have a need or want for your service; and 2) find out if you are the right person to fill that need.

3. Build them a basket. What you offer and what the prospect wants has to be a match. When the founder of Longaberger Basket asked that his HQ building look like a basket, his “consultant” suggested other options that would be better. His response? “Build me a basket!” – and that is the HQ today.

TIP:The real key to selling your services is to listen more than you talk. Tounderstand the need of your prospect and how you can fill it. Focus on theminstead of you and you’re a problem solver rather than a salesperson.

And that’s not scary at all!


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