Batch 13, ecstatic with CMC® experience


The delegates of the Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) Batch 13 Program posed in glee as the program came to its conclusion last September 25-26, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Most of the participants have encountered CMC® by chance and decided to pursue the program because they felt like they would gain a thing or two from CMC® somehow. However, they were taken by surprise as most of them claimed that they did not know that the program could be of help to them beyond the expectations they have already set beforehand.

According to Ms. Divina Gracia Buenafe of Teekay Business Process Services, encountering the program was a blessing. It was a great opportunity for her as she was able to effectively learn the formal way or the CMC way of doing and handling things. Her years of experience managing business improved because of CMC and she is more than glad for the opportunity to be with experienced consultants in the country. Mr. Carlo Mata felt the same way, entering the program with vague understanding of what it actually is, he was able to satisfactorily achieve the things he wished to gain on the program.

Check below to see how others feel about the program:
“I came to the program with vague understanding & knowledge of the practice& profession, wanting to learn more & create a network. I feel I have achieved all that very satisfactorily.” – Carlo Mata, Carlo Mata Consulting

“It was a great opportunity! I learned the formal way or the CMC way of doing things, validated experienced applied throughout the years and had a great opportunity to be with experienced consultants in the country. The idea is very useful & the environment had been very productive. Thank you.” – Divina Gracia Buenafe, Teekay Business Process Services

“This training is very relevant to the consulting business I have ventured into. The activities that impacted me are : A) role playing where my eyes were opened to real life scenarios that can happen to an external consultant & the feeling at that stage was so real. So now I realize how to deal & manage such situations, if ever this occurs in real life. B) The sharing of experiences by my classmates is so helpful to this new venture. C) Ethics – very informative.” – Arlene Soncuya, Accenture & Innovative Consulting

“I had a very enlightening experience at CMC training. It confirmed a lot of principles and ethical practice in the management industry. It challenged some current practice as well as it made me feel accountable as a management consultant. The program stimulated the class to collaborate and think which key in learning is. I had a good experience.” – Leigh De Armas, Brand SpeakAsia

Congratulations to Batch 13 delegates of CMC!

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