The seminar gives me a broader knowledge in consultancy profession. I am very much interested in the preparation and proposal in the engagement which I seldom do in my engagements, and upon learning more of its importance, I know I need to prepare for every engagement I enter into to make my services more professional.

Gabagat, Zenaida B.
Zen Consultants & Services CO.

The two-day session of CMC training has been very fruitful and enriching. It provides me the foundation for more structured consulting practice.

Caroline Lozano
General Manager
iSens Asia, Inc

Much to my surprise, the CMC sessions were educational, enlightening and fun! The interactions were vibrant and lively since half of the Participants were Singaporeans & half were Filipinos.

It was such a diversified group comprised of professionals from different cultures & various fields of expertise. We had candidates from IT, HR, Operations, Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Finance. The learnings came not only from the modules but form the sharing of the varied experiences as well. I would definitely recommend the CMC to other Professionals.

Irene Marceliana Uy
Senior Partner
Uy, Nicolasora & Asso.

I am optimistic about the career options that the seminar has opened up for me. The seminar has given me an understanding on how I can help organizations achieve their goals.

John Emmanuel A. Elefan
Customer Engagement
Hewlett Packet

Course is strongly interesting and helpful but pretty much far from our field.

David, Jonah V.
Customer Engagement
Hewlett Packet

The essential in Management Consulting is I think the only option that I have to jumpstart a professional management consultant job or business. The topics were delivered with clarity.

Ronald J. Pornobi
Asst. Manager-Information Technology

The training is a good learning venue for practicing consultants wanting to formalize and improve their practice.

Manny S. Gaerlan
1-dependent Management Consultant

Nice sharing between participants!

Suterio, Miguel P.
Managing Director
Trade Dynamics Consulting International, Inc.

It’s worth my time attending this program. Reserved knowledge from the experiences I accumulated must be shared to enable companies who may need assistance who I’d like to share whatever I have experienced.

Thanks for this opportunity.

Michelle D.O. Ballesteros
Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corporation

The program designed by ICMC is very useful and essential in our future practice. We indeed learned so many from the discussion, framework and actual scenarios. I will highly recommend this program to my husband and friends.

All the best to ICMC Management and to all ICMC Philippines Consultants!

Let’s keep in touch.

Macatangay, Maria Elizabeth M.
Business Development Manager
Diamedica Inc.

A timely program for a burgeoning industry! The CMC certification program will signal a new era for management consulting practice in the Philippines.

Dominque Savio Maglalang
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operation Officer
Life Lab Philippines Agri-Research and Training

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