I’m blessed that I join this seminar. I learned a lot from the CMC Module, from our professor and from the participant who shared their experiences and less of being a consultant.

Some of the many things I learned are to value integrity, and to have a clear objective which is the most basic responsibility of being a consultant.

As I interact with others and share my knowledge, I learned so much.

Henry Ngo

Presenter is knowledgeable, training material & activities are good, and participations are very good from all. Sharing of knowledge from different fields and industries are invaluable.

Eric Choo
TNT Communications PL

It’s worth my time attending this program. Reserved knowledge from the experiences I accumulated must be shared to enable companies who may need assistance who I’d like to share whatever I have experienced.

Thanks for this opportunity.

Michelle D.O. Ballesteros
Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corporation

The course is very helpful as it made my consulting competence a bit more complete by knowing the technical aspects and seeing how it can be practically applied in my job.

Bing Sumadchat
HR Officer

Course is strongly interesting and helpful but pretty much far from our field.

David, Jonah V.
Asst. Manager-Information Technology

Mr. Ng taught the class bases from his first hand experience which is a good thing. Good presentation skills which make listening interesting despite long curriculum and sometimes boring topics. Learned new things which I believe would be useful on my career.

Jonathan M. Guevara
Software Developer

1) The emphasis in ethics is a good thing.
2) Overall – a very good back to basics type of seminar.
3) Some of the materials are dated.

Garcia, Noel B.
Morning China Holdings Philippines, Inc

I highly recommend this program to those professionals who want to pursue career in management consulting particularly in the global arena the course is interesting and provides practical inputs in various areas in the management consulting work.

Rona Elena Mana-Ay
Head, Financial Management Services
Support Habitat for Humanity Philippines

The 2 days CMC program enhanced my knowledge and skills in consulting job/profession. The ethical standard of CMC as discussed contributed a lot on how to exercise professionalism as certified management consultant. Ms. Neri Mendoza discussed the topics clearly evidenced by her well rounded knowledge and experiences as certified management consultant and that her personality as a whole influenced the undersigned.

Overall, the program is worth pursuing for certification.

Cadiang, Flordeliza C.
Faculty/HR Consultant/Corp. Sectretary
Seaview Import Export Corporation

Super Trainer! Just loving it!

William Tan
Advanced Micro Control

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