Google’s “Feed Me!” Content Mentality

Google keeps telling me that more content is the way to get noticed on the internet. Does anyone really have the time to create, and more importantly read, this content?

In reality, no one has interest in your content. So it’s up to you to create content (blogs, tweets, etc.) that catches people’s attention and breaks through the NOISE. Consider these things when writing content:

Who are you trying to reach?
You really aren’t trying to be a writer and create new content. You want to grow your business. So know who your target audience is and what they are interested in.

It’s all about conversations. Your blog post and supporting tweets are designed to begin and continue conversations. Your blog creates a place people can go to learn more about you, your thoughts and what you offer.

Get People’s Attention. How can you stand out from other content? Share ideas and content that have worked for you. Share what you’ve learned that worked for others.
TIP:Your content needs to meet these 3 criteria:

  1. Offer quality content that’s well written.
  2. Be consistent and write regular content. One blog every 3 months doesn’t do anything for you.
  3. Give them a reason to read – A call to action, a valuable tip.


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